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I've been working hard in FruityLoops9, and boy do I have things to show you all.

I'll check in now and again. :D

Fwakakaka! Back in the Biz!

2010-04-25 03:26:29 by KilluaSebnti

It's been awhile since my last post. I'd been dicking around( Correct with different word if offensive.) with flash animation for a while, but the coding... The coding made me rip out my hair.

So, with that chapter of experimentation done, I get back into the Plow, as I begin to look for more unique rhythms and tunes.

Not shure if anyone at all reads my posts, but, if you do; Please; For the Love of the Unholy Deites, HELP ME FIND A DAMNED GIF PIC FOR PERONAL BANNER. 0-0;;

It's keeling me, looking for one, I tellz juu. All the ones I already have, are too big, And I don't touch Photoshop. So help meh. 0-0;

~Teh Monstaer of Musical Maelstrom
Killua. o-o

Moving Forward to the New year. And Legal Comments.

2009-12-23 04:13:31 by KilluaSebnti

I've gotten back tot he Mixing board, and I've churned out more tunes that I hope you sleep-dance to like I have, And hopefully, you'll like them. So, I'm going to send them in, You churn out those votes!

Now For some Legal stuffs.

All of my work, is either re-mixed tunes I ripped and fixed from either sound packs, or samples of sounds from popular or famous tracks made by main-streamed artists in America, New England, And other countries I've long since forgotten he name of. I've been accused of stealing by someone idiot from 4-chan while I was in Combat Arms on Nexon, Being told about how I stole " Muses on Acid ", which is a Killua Epic Original.

,; Sigh, Drag on Weed. <: I ask you all tell me directly, either at my NG page in comments, Private messages, or by sending me the info of when, where, and any other information of where you may hear something that may be my work.

Now, for the files and samples I do rip from things, I Am NOT claiming the original audio or works of a known or unknown artist as my own. I don't need to steal, I got Imagination. And I only use Sound packets for Fruity Loops 9, and samples from my tracks that I make. I do claim that the work produced of the audio I've used as my work, but I don't claim to be the person that made the sounds, because I'm not scriptor-1337, D00Dz,and I don't roll that way, Homiez.

That being said, I am still looking for a Gif. File to have as a personalized Image for me, something to the effect of the Picture I have when you all visit my user page. I can't pay you, but I will appreciate it if you'd design a siggie like the I have as my Siggie now, combined with the image of User Page Pic, to make a unique Siggie, and a matching Gif. to match while I'm doing posts in the BBS, or reviews on Newgrounds, like the gawdly good person I Ish. Because I love you all,e ven though I don't know many of you. Or all in that matter. Nevertheless, I put this request out there.

Much Luv'ing to Juu allz.
~ Tyreal.

WhooT! I did it!

2009-11-25 03:17:10 by KilluaSebnti

Hellurs, Peoples. I've finally managed what I believe to be the things I've been looking for in myself.

Three new Instrumentals, and a few other things, that may have been less than awesome. But I've managed to re-learn keys and syncs on FL9, and I've re-programmed it so I can at least break down what other have told me about for how the first two sounded.

Hope you Like'um.

~ Ty.

I've gotten back to my basics, and I'm studing the modes and sounds I can use in FL9, so I can adjust and pump up my music.

I'm looking for a freaking Mentor to learn this from, but to no avail, alike with my GIF for Fourm and Review posts, nothing.

I'm probably going to start making another track soon, if not before the end of this year, or the week after this weekend, since I get off school then.

,; Cough <: >_>

2009-10-08 17:53:44 by KilluaSebnti

I'm still in school, and my B-Day was last month. That's awesome for me, since I'm stuck on a Sound Project.

I still can't find a .GIF that I can use for my Personal Pic, and It's driving me insane to the point I can't finish my sound byte cuts for my next piece of work. ,; Sigh <:

If anyone would like to send me either the links or donate their own art to helping me out with this, please do, but you won't get them back. :P

,; Ahem <: * Applause *

2009-09-08 16:04:39 by KilluaSebnti

Hellurs, NG Universe. Name's Tyreal Chronos Cross : A.K.A - Killua Sebnti.

I came here after being an unknown NG player, and after months of finding an audio program in which to create music with, I joined Newgrounds. I like being here and what not, and I hope that after a while people to get to recognize me for my work, and both my anime like real name and pen name.

If you want to contact me, leave a pm or messages on my page, and I'll try to get back to you soon. I work on music projects every day, but because I'm going to school still ( Sophomore ), I most likely will get swamped and will end up being behind on submitting. c.c;;

See you soon, Net-boys and girls.